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  • What’s up guys, my game was running great with Natural Vision, Menyoo, Open IV etc. until the daunting day came where I decided to get greedy with how the game looks and made the grave mistake of also installing Redux mod, once I installed redux mod, game loads in and gets to main page where you can choose single player and I hit single player and the game crashes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled open iv in hopes I could get a fresh start but the damn Redux keeps coming back, I have deleted all the files relating to redux that I can see and it still comes back, I can take open iv out of gta 5 files and game still plays fine but without open iv, I use open iv for open camera and natural vision, if someone can please help me I would greatly appreciate it. P.S. for anyone thinking about trying redux mod DO NOT DO IT! Save yourself

  • @DonPablo I have tried everything so far including NVE. and I can honstly tell you Redux is the best of the best graphic mod I have ever seen compared to everything else.

    It's not absolutely perfect, it has it's flaws too I admit. but it's compatible with every other mod you can use etc corona, rain, water and such. and it's free.

    The main problem of Redux is it's installing bunch of other things that are not related to graphic improvement and many people including me don't like it. If it had an option that only installs graphic mods it would be truly perfect really.

    The only mod that can excite me more than Redux is GTA V Remake although it's in early access too and just released today. That mod truly has a lot of potential and I am looking very excitingly forward for it's final.

  • I would keep it if it wouldn’t crash my game, and it wasn’t so hard to get rid of if you wanted to get rid of it cause I need open IV for a lot of my stuff

  • @DonPablo Check the assembly.xml in it's OIV and delete the ones it's adding. None of the mods really providing an auto installer, unfortunately that's how OpenIV works :/

    Alternatively if you want to do it quickly, open the assembly.xml with Notepad++ . Then press Ctrl+F and select Replace tab. Then write these;
    Find what: add
    Replace with: delete

    Then press Replace All. After that save the assembly.xml and install the OIV again. It will delete everything Redux installs however the files it overwrites also going to be deleted too unfortunately.

    I recommend you not installing the OIV packages. Just extract them with 7zip and do the installing manually. I personally never install an OIV mod since a mod named QuantV's OIV installer deleted my hundreds of hours worked ReShade ini and presets...

  • Thank you for you’re help, I ended up getting it squared away I appreciate you

  • @DonPablo Pleasure fren :)

  • I got just the opposite problem: Redux not showing up when it should. Seems if you remove the rfp in the mods folder it will be gone, at least that's how I lost my Redux.

  • This post is deleted!

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