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How can i fix the problem in zmodeler3 ¨unable to locate texture¨?

  • Hi, im starting on this and i have this new problem when import the car to edit, this happens in all the imported cars so, how can i fix it? someone have some videos or something like that, thank you so much guys.


  • When you import vehicles to zmodeler3 you have to add the ytd files to that same folder as well, where you're importing the vehicle's yft files from otherwise it will give you a "missing textures" error. On the "Import" window, make sure at the bottom where it says: Preload packs, the "All*.ytd in current folder" is selected. zmodler applies the vehicle's textures automatically once it loads whatever ytd files belong to that specific vehicle. If it is your own personal vehicle, one that you created yourself then you're gonna have to also create textures for it but, if it's a game vehicle you want to edit then it should already have its own ytd files.

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