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Handling.meta lines for certain vehicles

  • Not sure if this is the right subcategory for this; but,

    Where can I find the handling lines for the second-gen vehicles? For example, sentinel2 (Convertible Sentinel), Cavalcade2 (Newer Cavalcade). I found the ORACLE2 handling line under \mods\common.rpf\data but can't find any of the other ones. Or even NINEF2

  • @EdibleKetchup
    The Sentinel2 uses the 'sentinel' handling.
    The Cavalcade2 uses the original 'CAVCADE' handling also.
    Same for NINEF2 , it uses 'NINEF' handling.

    Also, for editing the handling of all of these (& the 'ORACLE2'), you want to edit the 'handling.meta' in 'update.rpf' here:


    as it is used instead of the one in 'common.rpf' (if they both exist in your game & you edit the one in 'common.rpf', you won't see any changes in-game. If the 'update.rpf' one is missing for some reason, the game falls back to using the one in 'common.rpf' instead, in which case you can edit it & have the changes appear in-game).

    I hope that explains it, any further questions, give me a shout :thumbsup:

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