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Translucent Ped export issue?

  • Almost done with my mod, VERY close to release, but I'm still trying to figure this last thing out. I know the solution is probably really simple I just have no idea what menu to look in.

    buhuhuhuh scary!!!

    I think i have to apply some kind of modifier to the mesh but i have no idea what/where that is

  • okay it turns out he had the water shader on for some reason instead of ped??? I added the game mesh modifier and then i set it to the high mesh but he's still blocky for some reason


  • Exporting i get warnings like this:

    [0 errors]
    [66 warnings]
    1 times: Object "head_005_r/head_005_r/SKEL_ROOT/SKEL_Pelvis/SKEL_L_Thigh/SKEL_L_Calf/SKEL_L_Foot/SKEL_L_Toe0/SKEL_L_Toe0_end" with type Dummy isn't allowed in current hierarchy, and won't be exported.
    May be, you've forgot to add or remove some modifiers?

    And then it just goes on 65 more times with other bones.

  • Tried different FBX import settings and got these results instead, but as you can see, still not perfect. There's a lot of deformations and he's also got weird seams. All of these issues aren't present in 3DS Max but happen upon export with GIMS.
    why he look at me
    profile view
    he also has weird reflections if you're a specific distance away, so i couldn't get a closeup of this
    alt text

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