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How to modify VISUAL steering angle?

  • I've noticed with some cars that the steering angle does not match the actual handling's wheel angle. Handling-wise the wheel angle is fine, but the visual is not.

    For example, I was using Ziev's Volvo 242 Turbo, and it does this. So does one of the vanilla DLC cars, the BF Club. If you were to set the steering angle to 90, the car would freak out and behave with the wheels turning 90 degrees, but visually, the wheels turn only 45.

    Is there a handling flag somewhere so I can change this?

  • @mrwallace888 This line in handling.meta controls the steering angle both physically and visually;

      <fSteeringLock value="33.000000" />

  • @Aurora11 That is not what I meant. The visual wheel angle does not match the handling's wheel angle. The car behaves with the right steering lock but the car's visual steering angle is about half of what you put in the steering lock value. This only happens to certain vehicles. As mentioned above, the BF Club, and Ziev's Volvo 242 are examples of this.

  • @mrwallace888 Oh, oh. I understand now. Sorry I thought what you meant was the wheel steering angle wasn't changing.


    In your vehicles.meta, look for the steerWheelMult entry:

    <steerWheelMult value="0.700000" />

    That adjusts how much more or less the wheels turn visually.

  • @ikt Thanks. I'll try that later. The 242 Turbo's wheel mult was 0.5

    Are there limits to this value in case I wanted to dick around? Like can I increase it past 1.0 or even set it to zero or a negative number if I wanted?


    Dunno, just try stuff and see what happens.

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