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How to change the color of in-car Radio Box?

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    1. The original mod was Red radio texts on black screen.(using script_rt_dials_race)
    2. I want the radio box to be White texts on black screen, with no illumination.
    3. So I changed all the corresponding "matDiffuseColor" to x="0" y="0" z="0" w="0".
    4. Then I got a radio box which has White texts on GREEN screen, noooooooooo......

    I'm wondering does yft.xml could make my wish come true or there is another way to do it?
    Like, can we locate the race-type radio box .dds in any .ytd files? Because the banshee&supergt's radio dosen't looks like new race-type radio in 2017 Cunning Stunt update.
    Please help me out. THX

  • @IUaena
    For getting what you want via '.yft.xml' edits it will all depend on whether the text & screen have separate 'matDiffuseColor' values or not.
    Obviously, we know a black screen is possible, but if it uses the same 'matDiffuseColor' values as the text, then texture editing will be your only option (certainly looks that way for the vanilla 'banshee.yft.xml').

    As far as textures are concerned, I suspect the files you are looking for are:

    • 'vehicles_banshee_interior.ytd' > 'script_rt_dials_banshee':



    • 'vehicles_supergt_interior.ytd' > 'script_rt_dials_supergt'


    They are in these locations:



    but always worth doing a OpenIV Ctrl+F3 search for the '.ytd's just to make sure another mod etc hasn't added any in another location.

    Best of luck, give me a shout if you have any other questions/issue etc :thumbsup:

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