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Im new to this

  • Hey guys I have a few questions...

    1.) I have a sever threw 5m that took me to Zap-Hosting so I got the server there. They have some mods that are on the website but I want to add stuff to it. how...

    2.) A lot of mods require scrip hook and stuff. how do I get it.

    3.) do I need a trainer and what does it do ? I don't want people to be able to get anything in the game or teleport everywhere or get cash anytime they want it.

    4.) I'm sure there will be more questions but if anyone is a pro and don't mind showing me the ropes id greatly appreciate it.

    If you have a discord name i have discord so yeah thanks guys...

  • How about using the official FiveM support forums instead where the people there have more experience? Not trying to be salty, but going to the corresponding support forums would be the better bet.

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