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Adder with 1059 kmh!

  • So, thanks to @Frazzlee I reached with an tweaked adder nearly the sound barrier.
    Sorry for the poor video quality! Maybe I was too fast for Bandicom :-)

    For a very long top speed track use my map here.

  • Is someone capable of reaching the sound barrier (1225 kmh --> Wikipedia) with a car?

  • @Marcel2015
    long time ago

    a vehicle if it has wheels and a steering wheel it's called a car ((:
    and that one is so fast... you are in complete and absolute silence (: past that point ofc ((:

  • @RYAN Thanks for the video!: :-) Maybe some modders can make this car!!!!
    alt text
    And with my map we have a test track for it!

  • @Frazzlee I'm not sure what quality this model is, but look here.

  • @Marcel2015
    you need something like 20 km to get that speed

    there is nowhere near a straight line on gta5 map coming even closer to that

    can't wait too see what sounds/handling you put in that car... cause after 1225kph game must be MUTED ((: ((: get it ((:

    the game not just the car ((:

    and i think game is limited to ~~540 kph

  • @Marcel2015 how did you cross the 530 km/hr barrier? i want to do it for my aircraft.

  • I once did by editing a memory value. If I can remember how I did it I could make a small script to remove that barrier.

  • @RYAN See my video. A made a track 7.5 km long. And it's easy possible to reach 1200 kmh then.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Rage Plugin. Just install and start. @Frazzlee gave me the input. :-)

  • @Oskar Yeah, a script would be even better then starting everytime rage plugin.

  • @Marcel2015 gr8 thanks :) & great work!

  • @Marcel2015
    Marcele, we need 1225kph, and over, speeds, so track must be longer !! (:

    lets hope @Frazzlee is already frazzling the mod, i really wish to see how he makes this mod to work, cause after 1225 everything must be MUTED ((: i have confidence in him

    clearly the car will be an ingame plane cause of the turbines and the turbines sounds (:
    but a plane that will never fly (:<

  • @RYAN When we have the car and the track is too short, I can easily make it longer. But I wait till then. And I hope also that @Frazzlee can make the car/plane. Regarding the sound barrier muting mod, I don't know who have the ability to make this one.

  • @Marcel2015
    well 'they' made the dragster mod, 'they' can easily make this one (;

    the Silence part is the mod, not the model part or the speed part, or the distance part; is is ALL ABOUT THE SILENCE part ((:

  • @Frazzlee

    the turbines sounds for sure... sucking the air in front of them (;

    the air passing over the fuselage... this one has to be heard after a certain speed has been reached... subsonic for sure... definitely subsonic

    and then just before reaching but not after passing the 1225 kph barier a very loud, almost defining sonic boom ((:

    and after 1226... i repeat 1226kph... 6 not 5... complete and utter silence

    now i know this is just like a plane but the vehicle ingame has to be exactly that... classified as a plane with no wings that never flies / takes off , and has big mofo turbines

    just to make an idea about how the air friction on the fuselage sound like when almost reaching sonic speeds, look at this :

    time 0:10 seconds (i have heard irl something like that and can confirm that is the sound of air trying to get out of the way of plane, you can hear the plane only after it pases you, you can't hear it closing in cause of the speeds)

    about sonic booms... about the same, you can't hear it until plane passes you, if speeds over sound speed and it is constant after if speeds remain over 1225 (:<
    best example is this

    For the driver is diferent story: he can hear everything until the sonic limit is reached, so that means that he can't hear the sonic boom hapening or anyhing after that ! sorry for my bad spelling, english is not my native language (;

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