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Missing Weapons Mods

  • Hello, I installed a couple weapon mods to replace carbine rifle and stun gun and I installed them into patchday8ng like the read me said too but when I load into the game, they do not appear, Hopefully someone can help me figure out this issue and yes I installed them before the update dropped so I don't know

  • @Deputy-Miller
    OpenIV > Ctrl+F3 > Search mods folder for 'weapons.rpf' > Place your modded weapon files in the 'weapons.rpf' you find in the highest numbered patchday##ng folder structure.

    That should work as long as you have all the patchday##ng folder structures in your 'mods' folder.

  • @a63nt-5m1th so place weapons.rpf from patchday8ng with my modded guns into patchday23ng?

  • @Deputy-Miller
    Did you find a 'weapons.rpf' in patchday23ng? (I'm not near my modding PC, can't remember if there is one in there?)

    If so, take the weapons from the download & install them again into the 'weapons.rpf' in 'patchday23ng'.

    If no 'weapons.rpf' exists in 'patchday23ng' then use OpenIV Ctrl+F3 search to find the highest patchday 'weapons.rpf' you have installed & install the weapons there instead.

  • @a63nt-5m1th the highest weapons.rpf is in patchday8ng which is where I installed the guns too

  • @Deputy-Miller
    There's a 'weapons.rpf' in 'patchday10ng' (just contains the flaregun)


    Perhaps try installing them there instead? Not sure why they're not working in 'patchday8ng'?!
    The 'patchday10ng' 'weapons.rpf' doesn't contain those weapons, so they should work :thinking:

    Double-check your 'mods' folder 'dlclist.xml' contains a 'patchday8ng' line:


    & that your 'dlclist.xml' is formatted correctly.

    Try a Ctrl+F3 search for 'w_ar_carbinerifle.ydr' & have a look at where they are installed. Make sure there's not any installed in an add-on or something?

    Also, link to the original custom weapon mods, so I can download them & take a look :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th patchday10ng worked for installing the guns and they are great thanks for your help sir Have a good night

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