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Scripthook made my game crash

  • so the new scripthook has released and i installed it, but it made my game crash for unclear reason, the game just closed abruptly after few seconds of loading. but whenever i deleted the dinput8.dll it works fine but i want to play with mods, i've copied the new update.rpf files through openIV. and im only got enhanced native trainer mod and some vehicle mods. any solutions?

  • The same thing happens to me, does anyone have an answer? maybe a new gameconfig is necessary?

  • Just updated scripthook and then downloaded then let steam update the game and same thing happens to me as well

  • Check your mods to see if one of them is causing an issue with the latest version. It could be an ASI, script or car mods. Check one by one

  • Same here

  • I'm also having the same issue. According to @Zeuserx the latest update has broken the mods folder.

    In another thread about the same problem:

    Zeuserx about 2 hours ago
    Latest update has broken mods folder.

    Today a new scripthook was released. It works. Menyoo, native trainer and other scripts are functioning.

    Execept OpenIV. the MODS folder is failing to load modified vehicles.
    I created a brand new MODS folder, copied the update and x64 folders into mods and that works fine.
    Then I tried to add the Tesla roadster 2020 into the MODs folder, like I have done many times before. It no longer works! Crashes the game.

  • More than likely an update with OpenIV will fix the problem. Hopefully they release an update soon

  • Hopefully. I'm new to modding GTA V, will OpenIV prompt me when they release an update or should I be checking their website as I do for scripthook?

  • @TheYoungShaft Once you open it up it will update to the newest version and when you click for GTA V it will prompt you to update OpenIV.ASI as well

  • @Algonquin1234 Awesome, appreciate the answer.

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