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After all this time, is there really still no way to save/export your multiplayer appearance settings?

  • I just can't translate my multiplayer character to any trainer customization menu. I don't know if there are settings that trainers somehow can't access, but copying my settings from multiplayer to a trainer doesn't work, it never looks the same. I took screenshots of every menu in the official game character customization, but I still can't make a character that looks the same because trainers for some reason don't use the vanilla mp character customization menu.

    The vanilla game has to be applying some kind of settings to make my mp character look the way it does. Is there really and truly no way at all to capture whatever those settings are and save them somehow?

    Alternatively, if that is completely impossible, is there a character customization mod that actually uses the same UI as the vanilla game? Cause if the trainer menus would actually use the same menu as the game, then it would be a lot more straightforward to copy all the settings, but none of them do, they have the settings split apart in different places that makes it impossible to know what part of the vanilla menu corresponds to what part of the trainer menu.

    TL;DR: Is there a way to save or export your MP character's appearance settings out of the official game so that they can be recreated in a trainer in FiveM later? And if that is completely impossible, is there a trainer or mod that enables the MP character creation from the official game, so I can just directly copy the settings from screenshots of the official game menu without having to guess which settings correspond to what?

  • This is exactly my thought too.

    I tried to use the trainer but the closest I can get is a naked MP male/female character with invisible body parts or checker pattern corrupt textured clothing.

    As if there's no way to simply swap to an MP biped and go through each slot of clothing as if it was multiplayer. Fascinating how this game's SP and MP are almost virtually completely separate or different entities.

  • I've dealt with the MP peds for a long time now. To answer you question you cannot fetch the ped data that involves things like the hair color, overlays or anything that is used purely on the MP peds. But what these settings are and what they do have been documented for a long time now. We can easily set the face shape and blend, overlays, hair colors and what not. The issue is with the clothes as some of them are invalid (checker pattern), some are manually named in scripts, some actually have proper names in the game files, and none of them have specific categories because they are manually defined in scripts.

    There are no native functions that can fetch this ped data. I've looked at this for the past 4 years and spent days looking through the decompiled scripts and found out there is nothing. Someone with in-depth memory editing knowledge would have to write an API for us to use.

    Even Rockstar themselves can't fetch the ped data. So how do they track it? Well you see, all they have to do is set the data using some menu and track those variables as being "set" in some data model. That's it. This is how a custom mod would have to do it.

    So it is not impossible, just very time consuming because there are so many options and the menu has to be done right.

    The solution is for someone to make a basic menu that sets these features on your ped and tracks them and exports them to some file so a FiveM trainer can load it.
    But more issues arise. Which trainer? How many of these trainers are there? Do they all use a common loading method or have their own loading system? So someone would have to not only write a SP menu and exporter, but a FiveM importer.

    What I am baffled at is the fact that nobody at FiveM has done this yet. I've created a basic menu of this that could change every single MP ped setting and save it
    and load it when FiveM was still sucking on it's thumb.

    Fun fact, did you know that the MP ped hairs require special tattoos on your head to mask your scalp? Otherwise it looks bad. Took me a while to find that out.

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