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Featured Mods....?

  • I am curious to know that how the featuring system works, I mean how can any mod get featured by the website, what are the requirements, etc.

  • @UncleGaming
    FAQ: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/4943/readme-frequently-asked-questions-site-related

    How does my file get featured?
    At the end of the day, the past 24 hours of uploads are generally assessed for number of likes, downloads and comments within that one day period, and the best ones from a variety of categories are picked. There are no specific criteria for getting featured, and it does not happen automatically when you reach a certain amount of likes. Sometimes files with lower download or like counts may get featured over others because they are in different categories and help to introduce some variety to the featured files, so they are not always car mods, for example. Sometimes there are too many highly downloaded mods uploaded in one day, and not all can be featured - I will try to address those mods in future updates. Please do not message me asking to have your mod featured or asking why one mod was featured over another. If you think a newly uploaded or updated mod should be featured, you can put in your say by liking, downloading and voting on it. Thanks!


    @IAmJFry still stands albeit a block text from five years ago (!) when Rappo was doing things by his lonesome

    Things that can cause a staff member hitting the Feature button:

    • Adds something unique to the game
    • Something that oozes "this thing was well thought about and made with care (and love (and blood (and tears))"
    • Extremely well done description with clear installation instructions and all basic information you'd ever want and (optionally) links to documentation elsewhere if it's too much for a short description
    • Helps if it somehow radiates "I'm here to stay and be in the community and provide a decent duration of support"

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