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Multiplayer stuff doesn't load when enablind "MP MAPS" in trainers.

  • I don't remember exactly when this started happening, but basically nothing actually loads when I enable MP Maps through trainers.

    Before, the loading time when enabling it was "long", but now it's instant, probably because nothing actually gets loaded.

    Can't enter garages in buildings that are safehouses in online, (updated) casino doesn't load, aircraft carrier doesn't load. Weirdly enough I can still hear the sound of it. But I just fall into the sea.

    Benny's doesn't load either.

    Anyone have an idea why this started happening?

  • Previously when I enabled MP Maps, this and other garages like it could be entered + the buildings were updated to how they are in Online.

    alt text

  • @WGotch07 is there any particular type of mod that can cause this?

  • @WGotch07 it would also help if you actually mentioned which type of mods, so I didn't have to list up EVERY single car mod and wheelpack mod I have if those are not the type that can cause this issue.

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