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My last message, as my thoughts for 5 years of experience in this site and a bit feedback maybe...

  • When I first joined this site 5 years ago, it had a nice community. People were being nice, sharing their thoughts and being allowed to share their thoughts ..

    Not so much to say about first 3 years other than it was most of the time nice and fun to be around, despite I wasn't interacted much I was still enjoyed the community this site had.

    After 3 years however, nexusmods took over this site. I was also a member of nexusmods for a long time too all the way back in from first made old Skyrim to latest Fallout 4. At the first glance I was feeling nice to be a part of it. However as I continued interacting in the community, I got nothing but broken thoughts, sadness and disappointment. The site was very toxic unfortunately, at least for me, so I decided no longer to interact with anyone at all, just minded my own business which was to download mods.
    and that 3rd year of me being here, nexus took over this site and very unfortunately despite I was hopeful that it wouldn't happen, it happened and spreaded it's toxicity here too.

    I had met with some good people too I have to say, made new good friendships. But other than that it was 99% of the time was just nothing but toxicity.

    Just a week ago I saw a car mod being changed a bit by a modder. Saw in the comments section someone said he didn't like the car. After a short while the author just snapped and went full on attack mode with childish words like "go away if you dont like it, I don't want your negativity". I just can't understand where is the negativity in just saying the car is bad. But that wasn't even the case. He was just talking about the actual car itself, not the mod. Which happen to be Nissan GT-R50. I agree that (from my personal perspective) the car itself has a very unique front but truly ugly rear. Anyways, the guy who made that comment kindly explained the situation to clear misunderstanding. But like I said, just more and more and more toxicity, this didn't stopped author lashing out even more... Then I also wanted to share my thoughts and kindly told the author no one is throwing any rocks at his mod, I clearly said "I am respectful and thankful for all your work and the time spent on this mod". The next day I just checked the comments section and saw ReNNie dropped his bomb as always, banned the user for 2 days with the reason of "Assaulting to author", then headed over and just deleted the comments.

    After seeing this I left another comment mentioning him, we were only talking about the car itself, none of us threw any rock at the mod nor the author. Is saying a few words about the car is not allowed too? but Mr. comment deleter and topic locker just deleted my comment with no explanation or whatsover.

    There are so many vehicle mods that people leaving a little bit of comment about the car itself. When they see a high end top notch car, so many people saying "sick car, cool car, great car.." and so on but none of those comments have been deleted. I just don't get it why saying "The car has a very unique front but an ugly rear :( " is a reason to delete a comment. It's not like I'm writing a page of article of thoughts about it. Furthermore, what's wrong saying a few words about the car? Why even a tiniest interactions are considered as bannable offense?? This is not even in the rules at all ..

    There are of course lots and lots of examples which are worse and better I can give but I am just giving this because it was the latest one.

    The other problem is double standards. I have seen people got banned for the things they upload but saw other people didn't even been bothered when they upload the same things part by part. Again, still no rule but one of the random decisions of a moderator.

    When we wish to talk about we don't like some actions of the moderation team, we are being told by them to talk this matter with the admins instead. Yet, this is absolutely impossible. There are only 2 admins. rappo is awol for a long, very long time. The chances of colonizing another galaxy next month is higher than the chances of DarkOne reads any message. Besides that, he is just focused on nexusmods instead and even in there he is impossible to be contacted. Yes I understand as the head of something big, you being your hands full. Just how CEOs of big companies. but unlike how admins do in here and nexus, the CEOs regularly check all of their employees and all the managers that are tasked to check those employees. If you don't manage your company but leave it to others to manage, the company just falls apart. That's how and why nexus did very long ago, and same as why this place fell apart long ago.

    I wouldn't mind so much if the site had a good moderation team that respect people, treats them equally, approach the situations with constructive behaviours and have a good sense in their hearts. But I'm very sorry to say that it is complete the opposite in here. I'm not saying this word as an offensive or as an insult (which is even they accept it themselves but people like that tend to find that word offensive when heard from others, despite how much they enjoy it when they say it themselves), many moderators in here being absolute dictators.
    It's like they are both law, judge and police, they say "This is what we decide, either comply or get banned.".
    alt text
    "you don't get to say in them". There is a kind of people who say the same thing. You know what it's called, a dictator.
    "I would 'kindly' ask you to keep that in mind". You being nice and kind now or is this a subliminal threat? I think it's the latter one, pretty sure is..
    But there is more,
    alt text
    This one clearly admits it outloud being a fascist dictator. "Banned" is my favorite word. Pray not to be the next one.". I know someone who says something very similar to this. "Traitor is my perfect excuse to put you in lifetime jail. Pray not to be the next one.". I know it from where I live. and as someone who lives in a place like that Reyser, I'm sure it's good for the people who say this, but be sure of my word it sucks for the people who hears it. It is obvious though you are not in a country like that, a very free country instead and have no idea what kind of a damage such a thinking can make on people. You just have no idea how cruel this thinking is, how unethitical how unhealthy it is. I'm not even going through how uncivilized, primitive... this behaviour is, I'm only talking about the effects of this behaviour leaving on people. The behaviour with this thinking spreads the negativity and disorderly violence more than a human mind can comprehend. Why do you think the highest violence rate in the world always and always happening in middle west and why this absurd situation never changes?? So to say the immense amount of toxicity happening in this site and forum is mostly caused by the behaviours and attitudes of the moderation team themselves.

    The job of the moderation team is not to be unconstructive, spread negativity, encourage violence (even if it's unconsicously). Their job is to moderate the platform they are in with a professionalism, respect and equality. Which is many of you seem to be very lack of, but be the quite opposite of it and play the site and forum police without no one to manage nor moderate you. But of course the person who is managing the moderators must fit the same qualifications too.

    and this is my feedback and latest final message in this site and forum after 5 years of my journey here. Nevertheless I met a few good and nice people, I always love knowing more people that are nice in their heart. I'm honestly not expecting anyone to read this nor to care. I just started talking and couldn't stop. Maybe it can at least be considered by some but doubtful .. It will be most likely going to be deleted anyway and I will be ended up banned which I don't care either. I am apologizing from the people I offended, obviously no one is perfect and unfortunately neither am I. I have my flaws too, but always trying to turn them a good thing I can be proud in future... Stay safe everyone and take care ..

  • So let me explain to you. If you find a mod you don't like and do not have constructive criticism or suggestions to give, your comment is malicious because it drives away others from downloading said mod for the smallest reason as well as demotivating the developer. This isn't a public free speech forum where people can just rant or throw punches at mods because they don't like them. If you do like it, you are encouraged to comment on it because this motivates developers and encourages the community to engage with the mod, whether constructive or not. See where the distinction sits? Positive (good), Neutral (good), Negative (bad).

    But do tread lightly because mod developers are not mandated by anyone or anything to accept or respond to suggestions. Your comment of "The car has a very unique front but an ugly rear :(" is not a suggestion nor is it constructive, it is a waste of comment that whether intentional or not, is 100% throwing negative shade at the mod creator. Likely it has been reported by several people hence why you got busted and someone else random might have not. You simply got the book thrown at you, what else are the moderators supposed to do, ignore you and move on because it's a small infraction? It's a whole dominos effect if that happens, it will only escalate. You cannot go around and say you are a target because someone else got away with something similar, this is a massive website with countless users saying random things and only a small handful of moderators to deal with it.

    Maybe it is time to take a step back, realize your mistakes and possibly give the thought that your behavior, albeit not the worst, is contributing to this "toxic" factor and getting you into trouble. We all make mistakes, what is important is that you realize this, don't blame others, and move on.

    Also as a side note this isn't a workplace or some public company, what these moderators do or say outside of this website is completely irrelevant. It is volunteer work, not a paid career. Think of it like a group of friends getting together to maintain a mod, internal policies are different than the user policies. Users using this website have to agree with their terms, not the other way around.

    So quit being so dramatic. Own up to it and don't do it again.


    @Aurora11 I'm not gonna reply to the full text but the part where you mention me:

    :one: It's a joke. My profile text is a joke. Is not to be taken seriously in any way.

    Contains sarcasm and irony because the moderators of the world (not just us at 5Mods) are usually seen a little dictators/fascists (like you seem to see us) that do whatever they want even though this is not the reality. Only the "coolest" moderators for big companies seem to be nice to most of the people but that's because of marketing purposes and they have time and money to spend on it, the rest don't.

    We (in the case of 5Mods) are voluntary people which spend some of our free time moderating for this site, its discord server (and in my case are 2 servers but could be 3 if I didn't say no to the RDR2 one because of time), and we want everyone to be comfortable, but for that to happen the users should respect the site rules, Terms of Service and of course the moderation team decisions first. If that does not happen, don't expect us to spend time that we don't have on dealing with problematic users. We will go the fast way and we can do it.

    If you think moderators are abusing or you disagree with a moderator action, then report it privately to Dark0ne and be patient, but don't hijack threads of other people or create unnecessary drama as you and InfiniteQuestion did during the last 2 weeks aprox.

    Anyway, you're discrediting yourself in the moment you're taking a joke seriously as if it was the reality. The problem's not in our side but yours.

    :two: Just for reference and as example:

    Not long time ago you DM'd me through Forums to ask if it was possible for your account to have a secondary one for a member of your family. Then, I kindly told you that if it was gonna respect the site rules and it was not a lie then there was no problem. The account was created and you appreciated me allowing you to do such thing. There were no problems, right? I wasn't being a "fascist" or "dictator" at all. What changed? I'm the same guy...

    EDIT: Added proofs of what I've said:
    alt text
    alt text

  • Personally, I can see both sides to this scenario. Unfortunately, there's too many factors involved to simply "pick a side". Probably not the best to pick a side necessarily, anyways. I'm just looking at this from a third party and drawing a full picture with information from both sides.

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