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[WIP] [SCRIPT] Advanced Infotainment

  • I'm in the process of creating an advanced infotainment system for any vehicle.

    alt text
    alt text

    Planned features at the moment
    -Back-up sensors for reversing (with tones)
    -Statistics (Speed/Gears/RPM/Turbo)
    -Drive modes (Comfort/Normal/Sport which directly edits the performance and suspension mods)
    -Window/Door/Light controls
    -Settings (Infotainment settings like color themes, brightness)
    -Automatic brightness detection for time of day (It's uncomfortable to look at it at night, I can tone down the light)
    -Shows street you're on
    -Date and time

    Several pages of features will be available through the tabs at the bottom.

    Any suggestions for extra features are welcome. Keep in mind I'm going to keep it simple and basic for now. No fancy animations or weird textures, just basic shapes where you can click on them with your mouse.

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