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Gta wont launch at all

  • Hey guys

    Soooo my gta updated on steam. Long story short, if I remove all mods and use a clean vanilla gta folder, it launches no problem.

    With mods folder, doesnt even go past the rockstar launcher. It just exits. I just want someone to validate my diagnosis. It seems the update.rpf is the culprit. Im thinking I need to use the newest updated update.rpf in my mods folder. But if i do that, im gonna have to install some mods all over again that goes into the update.rpf file like timecycle visualv dlclist etc.


  • @Shieldsver Yeah, re do your mods again. I had to. It's always annoying when an update comes along, you've got your mods in working order and bam, they don't anymore.

  • @WGotch07 maaaaaaaaaan. Y u do dis R*????? I got that figured by the time I successfully launched vanilla gta. -_-

  • Sounds like the other problems on the troubleshooting. Open IV is probably to blame, needs an update from what I understand. Everyone including myself can't play right now with mods. Hope it comes out quick...

  • @McKintyre92nd OpenIV doesn't need an update. @Shieldsver just needs to re do his mods folder as they do not work with the latest version of the game.

  • @WGotch07 So you mean to say everything in my mods folder has to be from the new updated vanilla gta? Icluding x64a-z? and x64 (audio)????

  • @Shieldsver Only update.rpf, since that and the new dlcpacks (mpheist4, patchday24ng) were updated/added.

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