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Heist Vehicles in Dispatch/Wanted Level System

  • I just wanna ask if anybody can make a mod to make the dlc vehicles be included in wanted level dispatch system in the game. Like an modded vehicles.meta, dispatch.met and any necessary files compatible with peds like the army being dispatched at 5 stars, or similar to RDE but with using only vanilla peds/models and heist dlc vehicles, but sadly RDE breaks my game and it's quite taxing on my system.

    For example:

    3 Star Wanted Level:
    NOOSE w/ Insurgent, Annihilator (aside from the usual vehicles)

    4 Star Wanted Level
    FIB w/ Armored Kuruma (aside from the usual vehicles)

    5 Star Wanted Level
    Army w/ Insurgent2, Insurgent, Valkyrie, Savage (aside from the vanilla vehicles)

    I would also like to make female police respond to dispatch or wanted levels, and also merryweather mercs, if possible (kinda like bounty hunters on 5 stars
    Or you can give instructions how to do it manually by editing the necessary files through OpenIV because I couldn't really figure it out. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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