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addon cars crashing game

  • after the newupdate addon cars crashes my game.

  • @reefersloth I’ve been having the same problem too I’m not sure what it is because I have other mods like clothing and scripts installed but as soon as I try to load the game with add on cars it crashes

  • literally the same problem, the game crashing when i going to join into story mode, game simple closing on mid loading.
    The game won't load as long as i have anything in dlcpacks folder.

  • It's probably Open IV that needs an update, there is already an update for scripthook but not for OIV yet. I can't play either.
    really useless for Rockstar to keep updating a game from 7 years back.

  • @WGotch07 I’ve only been trying to use recently updated add on cars but I don’t think it’s the cars themselves I think it might be the updates folder or update.rpf and none of these car mods I’ve installed have new gameconfigs so I’m not sure if I should try to use one or not

  • @WGotch07 i've been testing 15 add-ons, one by one. any of them doesn't work.

  • @WGotch07 I reinstalled the GTA V hours ago - same issue. Reinstalled folder mods twice - same issue. Gameconfig doesn't worked as you told us.

  • I`ve got the same problem after game update. New Folders and copy of files, script hook update etc. - script mods seem to work but the addon cars in new mod folder dont work..

  • @WGotch07 only add-on cars & wheels

    alt text

  • [PL] Mam ten sam problem, posiadam tylko LSPDFR oraz mody potrzebne do jego działania. Kiedy natomiast zainstalowałem Polskie radiowozy i karetki to gra wyrzuca do pulpitu w czasie ładowania.

    [ENG]I have the same problem, I only have LSPDFR and the mods needed to make it work. However, when I installed Polish police cars and ambulances, the game throws to the desktop while loading.

    This cars:

  • Everyone I got the fix ,After trying almost literally everything i found it.somehow the gameconfig is messing up the mods folder
    sooo try using this gameconfig by TheBearli - Kevin56436 .link to it down below and lemme know

  • Ok, I checked. It continues to throw, only this time without an error message from RPH, but with a message about too little memory (of course there is no shortage of this and I have a large reserve both in terms of RAM and disk memory)

  • @anemo5 exact same issue after install the gameconfig by kevin.

  • @anemo5 Did you install Heap Adjuster and Pack file limiter in your GTA V directory?

  • @prajwal483 yeah it works! Thank you so much bro :slight_smile:

  • I reinstalled GTA, newest scripthook, got the updated Gameconfig from F7YO+ the heap limit adjuster and packfile limit adjuster, installed all my mods from scratch and now it all works again! Hopefully this works for you guys too.

  • @McKintyre92nd works, ty

  • @Algonquin1234 No, Only the file about which the colleague wrote above

    Okay, once these mods are installed it comes into play. But when I enter the command in LSPDFR it throws further to the desktop ... Before updating the game everything was ok, and I don't want to undo the game because I play online without mods. After updating, all mods and cars have been uploaded from scratch, so there is no option that any mod is too old.
    And the error when entering the police station again throws the RPH as a mistake. :(

  • Same here, i’m on a clean install atm. Had mods in before but removed all of them and scripts due to the update. wanted to start from scratch and now any add on cars don’t work. Game boots up fine without them though. Haven’t tried replacing any yet

  • Okay, it's working after reinstall all game and mods one more time.

  • @anemo5 which gameconfig you used?

  • @McKintyre92nd - this worked also for me

  • Same happens here! Since the latest December update my game goes back to the desktop before entering in-game. No error message! Script Hook V is updated (Dec. 18th). I hope it's only OpenIV that needs to be updated. Can't play right now... I hate these useless updates every other month since I only play SP. 😵

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