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1500+ addon cars problem

  • Can somebody help me?

    I had the game with over 1500+ add-on cars (all with brand name + type + year, all had vehicle ID, and add-on preview) with no crashes.
    After a year i reinstalled the game but it's crashing.
    I can add 569 lines to dlclist.xml. If i add more it's crashing. But I've tried to change those lines all of the add-on files are working.
    I started to create an add-on pack (i have some) and I already added 40 cars and it still working so the problem with the dlclist.xml line's number I guess.

    I've tried all of the gameconfigs on gta5-mods and I've installed Heap Limit Adjuster, Packfile Limit Adjuster, CScenarioPoint Patch.

    So I dunno what to do. Takes too much time to merge everything to add-on packs.

    I don't use GTA V Online.


    sorry for my English

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