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Play GTAV Online with mods installed

  • Hi,

    I think this question was asked a lot of times, but I wasn't able to find an answer to satisfy.
    I have GTA V with mods installed only in mods folder.

    But, I wanna be able to play it online from time to time, and it does not let me due to this mods being installed. However, I don't think that the best practice is to delete all the mods before going online, and then install them all whenever I wanna play offline.

    What is the best (and easiest) practice to do here to be able to play online without mods and then offline with mods with the minimum number of modifications to the file games? If I only modify the name of the "mods" folder to something like "abc" and then modify it back when I play offline, will that be sufficient?
    Or maybe deleting Script Hook files and installing them back on?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Just remove dinput8.dll from your directory to play online without mods, and once you want to play with mods again just put it back in your game directory again

  • The previous comment is a great solution. Another one is to run two copies of GTAV and rename the folders so that you've one just for modded story mode and one left vanilla for Online only, just add a tag to the end of both and remove it for the one you want to run and so on.

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