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Crashing game

  • Hello!
    I have a problem with the game ... it loads until I get to story mode then it loads a bit and crashes ... I installed scripthook and I installed it properly ... can you help me please?

  • Thus far, there's no fix for this problem here on my end. Unfortunately! I have to wait and see what can be done in the near future. Vanilla works - with mods no chance at the moment.

  • Easy.. you disable all of the mods and then re-add them one at a time until it stops working to narrow down the conflict. Mine runs with mods just fine, granted it's only scripts and nothing in the mods folder (not rebuilt it yet), but it works

  • Oh so there was a recent update or something? I just downloaded the game for the first time and wasted several Hours reading and learning how to do Addons and it always crashes at story mode load in. I’m glad it’s not me.

  • Same here! So I think it's not you. The game crashes the exact moment the game should go in-game. I find myself back on the desktop. No error - nothing.

    I'm far away from being a pro modder. I only installed a couple mods. 4 or 5... But I have no clue either what to do next after this December update. Normally, waiting for an updated Script Hook V version and install it afterwards did the trick (after a generic GTA5 update). But this December update was extremely huge - not a normal one. And Script Hook V already has been updated a few days later. Hoping myself that some GTA genius can help us out. I can't figure out what to do. I also highly doubt a new installation and adding all the mods from scratch will help. Obviously, you did a complete new installation and it still doesn't work. My hopes are vanishing... Slowly but surely. 😵

  • If you open OpenIV, it does ask you to update the mods/update folder as there was a big update done to the game recently. However, I am still receiving crashes.

  • @cain I had to sign in to thank you man. I've been messing with the game for a year now, so I knew the procedure. Thought I updated everything and narrowed the crashes down to the mod folder. Removed all the mods and it still crashed. That's when I start searching the forums and saw your post. I forgot about the update folder.. Got all my mods working plus the island.

    When is your game crashing maybe I can help. Thanks again

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