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[SOLVED] I don't have the file "\streamedpeds_a_c.rpf\a_c_sharktiger"

  • I need to put ytd files for a shark mod in this sharktiger file but I don't have it. I'm guessing its somewhere that I missed copying to my mods folder when installing open iv. The last time I installed open iv I remember copying 3 rpf files with different letter designations like 64e,64v,64w (just an example),but I dont remember which 3 letters. I still think wherever a_c__sharktiger is ,I missed copying that folder to my mods folder. Any help is appreciated,Thank You.

  • @jehu58 It's in x64e.rpf. You can find files in OpenIV by using Control + F3.

  • Thank You LeeC2202. That did the job, the water is now very dangerous! Great tip about Control + F3, I didn't know that.:slight_smile:

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