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10791 version released now, mod setting again just one month later 10757 version.... so hard

  • every GTA5 version patch make mod setting again (updated.rpf,dlc.rpf or some....)
    rockstar always patch just for MP,
    SP doesn't have change for often patches,
    some cars,weapons add but that's not big, if dont use trainers or mods, thats cant use in SP.

    So i blame Rockstar. they just care about multiplayer, ignore all over global GTA users.....
    i think AlexanderBlade must be hardest every patches, All global GTA mod SP users defend on that person,

    me and all global GTA SP mod users should do hard mod setting again...... AHHHHH!!!!! so hard...!!!!

  • Yes, because they make money with the MP...........now we have to wait for the new ScriptHook Version..............

  • @QuadGore yes.... AlexanderBlade must be hard work again, T.T... must be very hard,

    i couldn't played much of times during 10757 version, recently i finally got "Gameconfig" for more peds, i used much of times to find stable gameconfig without game crash,

    but.... i make useless just few days after... AHH really angry!
    maybe you know, GTA5 peds spawn so less then cars, so apply modified gameconfig peds little more spawn than original one,

    AHHH!!!! damn rockstar! they must give at least some difference contents in SP dont they?
    if we want use DLC's new weapons and cars, use trainer or modify "popgroups" so new cars make spawn on the street, so all modify ourselves,
    every game patches really almost useless for mods just give hard,

    i really dont understand rockstar, all global GTA SP modders get angry,
    i hope if rockstar keep just care about MP, instead of making GTA5's Expansion.
    (like GTA4 EFLC)

  • First, last year i played GTA5 pirate 10350 version, but it was getting more and more game crash, during playing. sure include mods,
    so i couldn't play pirate anymore, crashing is too stress for me.!

    so i bought genuine version in this year january, and before apply mod, first and last i played MP, and played just one day,
    and next day i apply mods in my game, that's all. sometimes i watch my MP players in Director mod.
    i hate PVP games, GTA is openworld,various style gameplaying, modding game, not for killing ourselves each other dont this?

  • Have no crashes any more, and I have installed much AddOns now. I just installed a new addon car, want to test it, than the update download started :(

    Since Games are so cheap I don't have a single piracy game.

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