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ZModeler3 Ped Export Issue

  • Only just found out a few days ago it's actually impossible to export ped heads with complicated face weights in GIMS EVO, so i bit the bullet and got ZM3 cuz it's the only option. Everything looks fine in ZM3 but when i export my streamed ped head looks like this

    But he's rigged and everything and the weights look perfectly correct! just not the bottom lip and i think the tongue and the part of him i believe that's supposed to be connected to his spine... they're praising the sun, does anybody know what's wrong?


    OH and can somebody get me a VIDEO of how to turn off the wind in zm3? I've only seen the solution in text and this UI is just... impossible to traverse without help.

  • Cant help too much on the former issue as thats definitely a rigging problem. When you say everything 'looks' correct with the rigging, are you sure that every vertex is correctly weighted. Did you use the brush to paint weights or did you use the fill tool on groups of vertices
    If its the former, its very possible to miss vertices that are behind other vertices due to the less than ideal way in which the brush tool applies weights to vertices that are behind other ones. Had a lot of issues with this when I used to deal with shoe models

    On the second point, whilst the vertex colouring tool is not very user friendly, much like the whole program its actually pretty simple once you know how to actually use it. Unfortunately it can take months to get to grips with ZM3 purely because the UI is so bad

    As for a simple video of someone colouring vertexes,

    (not my work)
    minute 2:30 onwards should give you more of a pointer
    And to stop the wind effect, you want to change the RGB colour of the secondary vertex colour channel to black. By default imports from other programs have the vertexes coloured white on all channels

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