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Removing grass / weeds from concrete area with Codewalker

  • Does anyone know a way to remove grass / weeds that grow out of concrete areas? I've tried many methods with Codewalker, but I can't work out what entity etc the grass / weeds are? There seems to be hundreds of overlapping grass / weed / bushes patches too. My modified ymaps are coming out trashed every time.

  • @centralsink
    Give us the location you're working on & screenshots of the grass/weeds & I'll take a look :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    Thanks very much for taking a look. I've been at it for about 3 weeks now.

    You'll find the location easy from the pics :)

    I'm building an xml scenario using Menyoo's Object Spooner and CW for small ymap modifications on that concrete block and the grass kinda ruins the immersion I'm trying to create.

    Wanting to get rid of all the grass / weeds from that whole block.


    Concrete block

    Grass 1

    Grass 2

    Grass 3 (looks more like weeds)

    Screenshots of the grass with scenario loaded:

    Scenario whole

    Scenario Grass 1

    Scenario Grass 2

    Scenario Grass 3

    Scenario Grass 4

  • @centralsink
    No weeds/plants in that area for me:

    No Weeds

    so that probably means they are procedurally generated.

    Try this 'procedural.meta' & see if it gets rid of them?
    Let me know if not :thumbsup:

    Install it here:

    That 'procedural.meta' will remove all procedurally generated entities from the game (weeds, rubbish, starfish, other little things like that etc).

    You get a decent framerate increase from removing them all (~14fps on average for me, results will vary tho), but if you want to only remove certain things, you'll have to compare the entries in the vanilla 'procedural.meta' to their models & figure out what ones you want to keep. More on how to do that here. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    Thanks kindly a63nt-5m1th ... this worked perfectly :) ... all weeds gone. You're a wealth of knowledge.

    I'll definitely take a look at how to modify procedural.meta in the future.

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