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GTA 5 STEAM MODS - Crashing after each major update. Solutions ?

  • For people who use STEAM and just play single player with mods...

    How do you guys handle these mandatory stupid online updates, every 2-3 month after minor online updates occurs and all i have to do is update script hook or identify which mod stopped working and remove it, then i am good to go..
    But this time after Online Cayo Perico update, my SP modded GTA 5 just started crashing sometime after 2nd loading screen...

    No info about which mod is causing this in the event viewer, launcher log file has the following

    [2020-12-26 16:39:55.680] [DISPLAY] [14636] [gamelaunch] Game launched from Steam Helper
    [2020-12-26 16:41:08.431] [DISPLAY] [14636] [gamelaunch] Game exited with code 0x80000003 (2147483651)
    [2020-12-26 16:41:08.469] [DISPLAY] [14636] [crashdetection] Game left no exit file.

    I am sure there are other gamers out there with modded GTA 5 on STEAM, so how do you manage to keep the game running after these updates??
    Really thinking about giving up wasting time fixing this mess.

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