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What if a mod author doesn't reply me about permission to modify and repost the mod?

  • I asked a modder 3 months ago asking if I could post his vehicles edited textures (with the model together, because it's a vehucle pack) here on GTA 5 Mods, but bacically he never replied and his last activity was on February 5, 2019!

    So what should I do in this case? I just can't publish and that's it? Or in this case is okay to publish the mod? I really need help on this...


    @ManoRusso without permission you can only upload the edited textures and link to original model

  • @ReNNie Even by the fact that the mod author doesn't have any activity in almost 2 years? That's insane...

  • Thats perfectly reasonable for any mod site. If the author is inactive, the author is inactive. Doesn't automatically give anyone the right to republish their work. Same rules apply as any other retexture, post your files and your files alone, link to the mod that they are designed to work with, and provide instructions on how to implement your own textures.

  • Hi,
    I think I have a similar problem with a mod declared finished. vehicleRepairStation by Aaronlelit
    I am not a modder though I have managed to vary the LUA of the posted mod to increase from 6 locations to 31, made as two additional options of 'all city'(16) and 'all map'(31)
    I don't really want to go through all the rig moral, but wondered how my hard yards, can be added for the benefit of some who had requested.
    can you help?

    *ps, it would be really great if I can get in contact with the author (left post on the mod) because I understand enough to have guessed the parts to change, but need help to understand the rest of the coding.
    Can you point me in the right direction to get help in understanding this particular mod. It would go a long way to help me become a modder.

  • @ItsJustCurtis I disagree. If a modder doesn't have any activity for a long time in the website and literally in any other social media that it's possible to contact him, then this "permission thing" should not be considered anymore. But that's just my opinion.


    @ManoRusso its not our problem if they're inactive. you must get permission to upload their stuff. if they come back one day and see their mods plastered everyhwere without their permission, we get the shit for it for allowing it. you dont see people getting to use music from artists who no longer produce without permission so the same applies here.

  • @ManoRusso your logic applies to everything that everyone owns/has created right?
    "This artist isnt active anymore oh well ill just use their art anyway"
    "This car owner hasnt used there car since last year, might as well take it"
    What a crappy opinion

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