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Trouble with getting Kosatka / Yacht into Blender

  • I am looking to 3d print both of these objects. My first goal is get them into blender for cleanup, and to convert to STL.

    Unfortunately, it's been all problems.

    For the yacht I've tried exporting to open formats and importing to Blender with the plugin, but a sizable amount of faces are missing.

    I've tried converting to dff, but tons of faces/etc. are heavily distorted into a mess.

    I've had even less luck with the YFT of the Kosatka sub. Everything I've seen suggests zmodeler3 is my only option there, and that is a whole separate nightmare thanks to them using a non-unique ID as a unique ID. Anyways, for the time being zmodeler is out.

    I just want some way to get these objects into Blender. I'm assuming the forum rules means someone can't convert them to OBJ for me, correct?

    If anyone can help, that would really be appreciated.

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