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[SCRIPT] Special God Mode For Bodyguards

  • @IAmJFry Great job man, you managed to upload it today even if you got off work an hour late and had less time. :D About the auto death thing you said, that's exactly what the bodyguards would do before they die man; writhe animation and then die. You found the problem, and it was not your script, it was Rockstar's! :O

    I'm still gonna try it today, but I think the problem's patched man. The teargas thing that I mentioned last time causes the attacked bodyguards to play the writhe animation. That's where they become vulnerable to gun shots or die slowly. Since you mentioned that you had already put something to keep the bodyguards from writhing, I'm assuming the problem is fixed. I'll get back here to confirm it as soon as I try the script. Thanks again. :)

  • I tried the mod today man and sadly, it still didn't fix the issue. The difference though, is that when the ped dies after the writhing animation, they become buggy switching between standing up alive and dead-ragdoll mode. Also, there's a bug in the text notifier below. It constantly displays a number starting from 0 which slowly increases. Because of this, I can't see the toggle confirmations if I had activated the features or not.

    it's really hard to explain so I might just send you a video of this later today so you can see for yourself.

  • @RikuIan
    The number was a debug thing I thought I took out. Uggggggh. I’ll look at it today. Yea I still can’t get the bug to happen for me but I’ll keep trying.

  • I knew it was a debug! I was also thinking maybe you had mistakenly uploaded the unfinished file instead of the final one?

    Anyway, here's the video man:

    I do apologize for the quality and everything. I have a crappy laptop. :(
    I've written stuffs in the description too, in-case you'll miss it.

    Just recently, I also found out that the bug doesn't happen if your bodyguard/enemy is one of the protagonists. I'll keep trying things out, maybe the problem is on my end too. I'll be updating later man.

  • Okay so peds with no "guns" are not affected by the bug too man. Those who carry crowbars, knives, baseball bats, etc. they're good. As long as the peds won't hold a gun, the gas bug won't hurt them.

    Also, you might wanna update your mod description:

  • @RikuIan
    No man the video is perfect. Oh ok so that explains why it didn’t happen when I tested it. I’ll try to figure out why. And yea the security guard that started fighting you joins the enemy part of the script because they’re in combat with you/bodyguard. But I went ahead and removed the upload until I fix it which should hopefully be today after work.

    Thanks for showing me the part in the description. Idk what happened. XD

  • @IAmJFry lol, I put a lil humor in it so it won't get boring. :laughing: yeah, try to gas them while they're armed with guns and in combat man, you'll see. I see, it's a bug too then. That also explains the undying peds that suddenly attack me on the road, lol. Hoping for the best out of it man. :)

    Yeah sure, hahah! Took me awhile to notice the mod description too.

  • I've been thinking man. If you're gonna update and add more features, that would also need a lot of keys to be used too. I myself personally am running out of hotkeys because of my superhero mods, lol. I think it might actually be better if this mod had a menu instead of hotkeys to save more keys for the heavy modders, or even better, a menu that can also toggle the script and the hotkey usage on/off. Take this as a suggestion man, it's still all up to you and your skillz. :)

  • @RikuIan
    Well the other ped joining is and isn’t a bug. I mean I do prefer it to affect him so you don’t actually need to spawn peds or anything and it should affect police as well but I haven’t tested that yet. I’ve never made a menu but I’ve always wanted to so I might actually look into that.

    I worked an extra 6 hours today plus my hour from yesterday so I get to be off tomorrow lol. So tomorrow I’ll try to focus on the mod.

  • @IAmJFry oh okay. I'll leave that up to you man. Take a rest before doing your thing. :)

  • @RikuIan
    Ok, I think I finally fixed it! It was a huge pain trying to work out all the little problems from the gas grenades. Test it out and see if it's working for you.

    DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!fkgShazR!8zrYcPvsuukeTn47sMmBftnN_EsQWAUZ8voWxF6gunU

    I think I may have a working "Super Punch".

  • Works totally fine man, fixed all the issue that I had mentioned before. :D thanks a lot for your effort :grin: and sorry for the hassle. >_<

    Oooooh, can't wait for you to release that too man. With just the flaming ammo and possibly also a menu that can toggle the script and the hotkey usage on/off that's left to do, you're actually almost done with this request man. I want to thank you in advanced for everything, you're really great. :)

  • @RikuIan
    Glad it’s working! I’m trying to add more but keep the performance from dropping so much because I’m sorting peds and all that.

  • @IAmJFry Oh yeah, that one too. Anyway, you can probably post v1.3 in the mod page. Haven't found a single bug since. :)

    I'll be waiting for the rest of the updates man. I'll regularly post bugs too. Good job again. Thanks. :D

  • @IAmJFry Hey man, the last link you sent isn't working anymore. Please give me a copy of the mod again man, PLEASE. I'm not asking for you to upload the mod back into the mod page, or update it or something, I'm just asking for a copy of the last version you created because I accidentally deleted mine. Please man, please. PLEASE. After this, I won't bother you anymore, swear! I love the mod so badly, please man. :( :(

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