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my trainers are not showing the menu

  • I have been modding GTA V (story mode) for about 3 years and I can say that I know pretty much about everything in terms of offline modding. Yesterday I've installed GTA V that was uninstalled due to cyberpunk 2077 and started modding my GTA V again.

    I didn't have any problems turning on the vanilla GTA V and didn't have any problem after installing asi loaders, scripthook V, scripthook dot net, and a bunch of script mods. but after I installed mods that were using OIV format (NVE, world of variety, dirt mod, euphoria, improvements in gore, and real gun sounds), the trainer menu wasn't pooping in the story mode.

    Now because I don't want to install a shit ton of mods again, I was going through numerous fixes like -

    1. remapping the trainers button from f3 (simple trainer) and f8 (menyoo) to 'O' and 'P' respectively
    2. reinstalling asi loader, scripthook V, scripthook dot net, and the trainers
    3. reinstalling my keyboard driver (cause I thought maybe the functions key wasn't working

    But despite all these methods, the problem still remained. Now I can confirm that the trainers are working because toggle options like reveal map and enable mp maps from trainers.ini were still working. Now I'm confused because I never had problems like this before, so it would be nice if anyone could help me solve this.

    I'm using epic games GTA V (version 1.0.2189.0)
    Here are the log files of asi loaders, scripthook, and scripthook dot net -

    asi loader

    // GTA V ASI LOADER (build May 2 2015)
    // (C) Alexander Blade 2015
    LIB: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\dinput8.dll" => 00007FF8DBF50000
    API: "DirectInput8Create" => 00007FF8DBF58F80
    API: "DllCanUnloadNow" => 00007FF8DBF69EB0
    API: "DllGetClassObject" => 00007FF8DBF69F80
    API: "DllRegisterServer" => 00007FF8DBF73CB0
    API: "DllUnregisterServer" => 00007FF8DBF73F30
    LOADER: Loading *.asi plugins
    ASI: Loading "C:\Users\juhye\Videos\Captures\GTAV\GTAV.HeapAdjuster.asi"
    "GTAV.HeapAdjuster.asi" => 00007FF912660000
    ASI: Loading "C:\Users\juhye\Videos\Captures\GTAV\HeapAdjuster.asi"
    "HeapAdjuster.asi" => 00007FF8F4830000
    ASI: Loading "C:\Users\juhye\Videos\Captures\GTAV\Menyoo.asi"
    "Menyoo.asi" => 00007FF8F4320000
    ASI: Loading "C:\Users\juhye\Videos\Captures\GTAV\openCameraV.asi"
    "openCameraV.asi" => 00007FF8F4740000
    ASI: Loading "C:\Users\juhye\Videos\Captures\GTAV\OpenIV.asi"
    "OpenIV.asi" => 00007FF8F4710000
    ASI: Loading "C:\Users\juhye\Videos\Captures\GTAV\PackfileLimitAdjuster.asi"
    "PackfileLimitAdjuster.asi" => 00007FF910A80000
    ASI: Loading "C:\Users\juhye\Videos\Captures\GTAV\ScriptHookVDotNet.asi"
    "ScriptHookVDotNet.asi" => 00007FF8F46F0000
    ASI: Loading "C:\Users\juhye\Videos\Captures\GTAV\snow.asi"
    "snow.asi" => 00007FF8F42F0000
    ASI: Loading "C:\Users\juhye\Videos\Captures\GTAV\timecyclemods.asi"
    "timecyclemods.asi" => 00007FF8F42C0000
    ASI: Loading "C:\Users\juhye\Videos\Captures\GTAV\TrainerV.asi"
    "TrainerV.asi" => 00007FF8B4E20000
    LOADER: Finished loading *.asi plugins

    scripthook V

    // GTA V SCRIPT HOOK (build Dec 18 2020, v1.0.2189.0)
    // (C) Alexander Blade 2015-2020
    [10:53:31] INIT: Started
    [10:53:31] INIT: Success, game version is VER_1_0_2189_0_NOSTEAM
    [10:53:32] INIT: Registering script 'Menyoo.asi' (0x00007FF8F43A9EF0)
    [10:53:32] INIT: Registering additional script thread 'Menyoo.asi' (0x00007FF8F43BA3A0)
    [10:53:33] INIT: Registering script 'ScriptHookVDotNet.asi' (0x00007FF8F46F1480)
    [10:53:33] INIT: Registering script 'snow.asi' (0x00007FF8F42F1C00)
    [10:53:33] INIT: Registering script 'timecyclemods.asi' (0x00007FF8F42C3D30)
    [10:53:33] INIT: Registering script 'TrainerV.asi' (0x00007FF8B51C35D0)
    [10:53:33] INIT: Registering script 'enbhelper.dll' (0x00007FF8F46D1400)
    [10:53:54] INIT: Pool 1 extended
    [10:53:54] INIT: Pool 2 extended
    [10:53:54] INIT: Pool 3 extended
    [10:53:54] INIT: Pool 4 extended
    [10:54:00] INIT: GtaThread collection size 189
    [10:54:00] INIT: wnd proc 0x00000000FFFF03CF
    [10:54:00] INIT: IDXGISwapChain 0x00000001800FDF98 (0x000000018002ECD0)
    [10:54:00] INIT: IDXGISwapChain set
    [10:54:01] INIT: DX init started
    [10:54:01] INIT: DX feature level B000
    [10:54:01] INIT: DX init succeeded
    [10:56:08] UNINIT: Unregistering script 'enbhelper.dll'
    [10:56:08] UNINIT: Unregistering script 'TrainerV.asi'
    [10:56:08] UNINIT: Unregistering script 'timecyclemods.asi'
    [10:56:08] UNINIT: Unregistering script 'snow.asi'

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