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Wind speed for gta 5

  • Hello,
    I was wondering about how would I go by increasing wind speed for GTA. For example, it is 12.00 right now I want to make it go to 42.00

  • @Superish_O
    You can see the timecycle times of day in this post here.

    The '<wind_speed_mult>' values in the timecycle files ('w_clear.xml', 'w_clouds.xml', ... etc) control the wind speed.

    There are also:

    	  <WindMin value="0.25"/>
    	  <WindMax value="1.0"/>

    values in 'weather.xml' for each timecycle weather.

    'branchbend_windsettings.xml' controls the way tree branches move in the wind (might be of use also, depending on what you are going for).

    There is also a:

              <fWindMult value="0.150000" />

    in the 'handling.meta' of aircraft. Higher values = more wind affect on aircraft.

    There may be a few more wind related things, but those are the ones I can remember :thumbsup:

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