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PLEASE HELP!! GTA Keeps crashing with addon cars after game config has been changed!

  • Please, you guys need to help me! I've been trying to get my gta to work with more than 4 addon vehicles for 3 hours now and absolutely nothing is working after the new update! I had almost 50 addon vehicles before the update and it worked perfectly, so I'm very confused as to why it isn't working.. I've already changed the game config and added the heap adjuster and the packfile limit adjuster and everything, even went as far as to boosting the limit amounts in the heap and game config. I have deleted my mods folder and retried everything already so any help is going to be needed! Thank you guys!!
    Edit: If you need anymore info, just ask and I'll try to supply with the answer.

  • I have exactly the same problem... -.-

  • @Timdy Yea, I'm sure a lot of people do since this has over 600 views, I have no clue what's happening, might just try and download an older version of gta if I can

  • @Timdy I FOUND A SOULUTION!! So.. The only way that I found out that will work, is you have to downgrade your gta to an older version, I downgraded mine to 1.0.2060.1 and it seems to be working perfectly fine. Go try it for yourself and tell me if anything is wrong or if it indeed does work for you too

  • Oh wow sounds great!! How can I downgrade my GTA? I'm playing on steam! :D

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yeah me too, i can't install any mod, like replace vehicle, add on vehicle, replace gun and other thing, i think this cause from GTA V version. The new dlc Cayo Perico .

  • Hey do i need a no_gtaV_launcher ,for this ?

  • Hi Guys,

    im not sure if you had the sam problem but my game crash after addon cars installed. So i fix this like this
    1 Dowload this---> here on this site search for gameconfig and you wil find for version 218.0 or so the lastest one
    and after that install it with openIV in
    Mods/Update/update.rpf/common/data/ (back up your gameconfig then change whichever you want.)

    so by me work now all again

  • @Qu1ckloop

    I downgraded the game as instructed but when I launch on steam it just makes me update the game again....

  • @Neno2020202020 thank you

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