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Codewalker or a program to build a map in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Will RDR2 have a codewalker or a map builder to create a world? Creating a terrain (mountains, plains, rivers, canyons...), making forests and landscpapes, building farms, towns, cabins.... With all those possibilities I think there would be lots of creative people who certainly would make beautiful things such as I. Just by imagining that realism (volumetric light, volumetric clouds, incredible weather, volumetric snow and mud, people and the life they bring to the game, amazing animals and plants, high-quality terrain and trees...) would be a dream come true. I know this is a GTA 5 forum but it is the only platform wich has the codewalker and other building programs and I think RDR2 and the players and fans deserve the same.


    @RunoBruben closed as this is a GTA V modding site

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