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fix the map lod texture lagging caused by spawned too many high quality car at once

  • Hi guys, first, Happy New Year!

    The problem of map lod texture laging caused by spawned too many add-on or high quality car at once is a pain in the ass!

    To be more specific, if I spawned maybe 6 or 7 non-lore friendly(AKA add-on cars with real life brand) cars with big files at once trying to get a photo shoot at one time, the map lod texture will start lagging if you press "C" to look back and forth or if you move your mouse all around quickly.
    And if I keep pushing, let's say I spawned 15 or 20 those cars in once, the map texture (like roads,or building) will disappear

    My question is, is there a way to fix it or atleast improve it?

    Thank you guys for any advice!

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