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Asi loader problem .

  • When i lauch my game one of my asi file (a random one ,that can be Menyoo ,Add-on vehicle ,Vstancer ...)
    failed to load and most off the time when i press any key on my keyboard or mouse once the loading screen is finish ,my game crash .

    list of my mods :

    custom enb
    some 4k texture changer.
    Addon spawner
    some add on car
    some sound mods
    some new radio
    world of variety
    overhauled trains

    ERROR message :

    CORE: An exection occured while executing
    'name of any .asi file' (0x00007FFD6B3FC2D0), id 34

    I hope someone can help me !

  • And i am playing on 1.0.2189.0

  • This post is deleted!

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