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Bloody Window

  • I noticed some short videos on YouTube about a house nearby Franklin's home in Vinewood Hills having the front window bloody when shooting at it. I tried it in-game, but no blood appeared, for me looks like a normal window. I'd have provided images with the location, but the capture program isn't working for now. However, those videos can be found on YouTube, at "gta 5 bloody window" search they pop up. Is it an Easter Egg in an update placed by the developers, a mod or those videos are just edited? If it's a mod, someone knows where can i find it?

  • It's not a easter egg or a mod. That collision simply has a wrong material ("FREASH_MEAT" instead of "GLASS_BULLETPROOF") assigned to it.
    As for it not working for you, it's because you either have the MP map enabled (R* fixed this for the "mpapartment" dlc collision) or have Map Fixes installed.

  • @Alex106 ok, thanks 🤘 now it's working

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