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Micro SMG aiming

  • Hello, I replaced the Micro SMG with a Mac-10 but I want that he holds it like a pistol, just like GTA IV style. Is it possible to change the aiming to the pistol aiming animation? Thank you!

  • @Sheldon

    hey i can't help you a lot because i do not know a lot about this stuff.

    But if i know you probaly have to edit the animation.

    maybe you could check both animations from the smg and the pistol and see if you understand somethign what change the positions

    there is 1 thing,
    i do not know if this works but in zmodeler3 you can change the position of the hands :D

  • @yeahhmonkey oh my... making animations and things like that never was my thing. But thank you.

    I thought it would be that easy that in the weapons file is just a line called "animationname: ????" and you just have to change this hahaha. Or something like this if you know what I mean

  • @Sheldon sorry i have no idea :) did you found a solution? :)

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