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Issue with extras while building car mod

  • Hi, I have educated myself on the basic pieces of constructing the car files to go into my test server, however I have came across a mod that has the file "uvmaps" which contains "uv_body_pdwb.png","uv_glass.png","uv_glass_mask.png" and the file "extra" which contains "glass.psd".

    As I continue into the actual car file and open the dlc.rpf, there are two folders within the levels folder which identify as "gta5" and "pd458wb". the gta5 file hold the 3d model for the car itself and its textures. The pd458wb file holds the add-on parts for the car (exh, int, roof and steering wheel).

    I have the file named as "pd458wb" which is the spawn code, within it is a stream folder which contains all files from the gta5 and pd458wb mentioned above, and then in the main file is the 3 png files, the handling files and the "glass.psd" file.

    When I run the starter.bat it states "couldn't find resource pd458wb" and beneath "Argument count mismatch (passed 3, wanted 2) and this is where I have been stuck for a good 2 hours trying to fix. If someone could help resolve this issue or atleast point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

  • Just a thought, would I have to edit the resource.lua file? I have noticed that it contains all the handling files and wondered if the extras would need labeling within there too?

  • on the starter.bat it now identifies the pd458wb/pd458wb.ytd using 209 MiB of memory, which originally it didn't, this came after i edited the resource.lua doc slightly and rearranged some things.

    However i'm still getting the same "Argument count mismatch (passed 3, wanted 2)" error.

    I changed the 3 png files to .yft files

    and have no clue what to do with the glass.psd file or the uvmaps

  • This post is deleted!

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