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Crashing Every 5 Minutes - 0xc0000005

  • I just started modding the Epic version of GTA V a couple days ago. Everything has been relatively smooth sailing until now; my game has gotten to the point where it crashes after ~5-7 minutes of gameplay. I can already tell it's a bug with one of the mods, but it's hard to distinguish which ones are causing the issues. I've been looking around for solutions that relate to the 0xc0000005 code, but haven't been able to find any that are recent or have the same circumstances as my situation. I've decided to come here in the case that there's something that I'm completely missing while doing all of this. The mods I have installed are:

    • Menyoo
    • Open Wheelies
    • Addon Car Spawner
    • ~37 car mods
    • V Remastered
    • GTA 5 Redux
    • Packfile Limit Adjuster
    • Heap Adjuster
    • Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles (currently using the 1.5x cars & 1.5x peds, IIRC)

    AFAIK I have the latest ScriptHookV and dinput8. I have also installed the ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi that is provided with OpenIV. At this point, I don't know where to go from here. Let me know if there's anything extra I should provide to help give potential context or background to my issue. I'm very new to modding this game, so any solutions and extra tips about any of these mods will be greatly appreciated.

  • Take in consideration that the Epic version of GTA V could be different from the main version. It's more easy for you to test to disable every mods, one at time, and see if the game crashes; I think that the mod that is causing the crash is related to a fragil part of the game, maybe the "Packfile Limit Adjuster". I would suggest you to give more information.

  • I'll take a look at the Packfile Limit Adjuster first and see what I can do with it, then I'll go through with disabling mods one at a time. Also,

    @Tekarovt said in Crashing Every 5 Minutes - 0xc0000005:

    I would suggest you to give more information.

    What sort of information do I need to provide?

  • @expl0rer any information you consider useful. Question: does the game crash even without modifications?

  • @Tekarovt No, the game runs just fine without any mods. I've known it's been one of these mods for a bit now, I just haven't been able to figure out which one yet. I made the mistake of going crazy and installing multiple at a time before testing the game.

    Messing with the Packfile Limit Adjuster seemed to help a little bit - I changed the number in the adjuster.ini file to be the same as the "ArchiveCount" value in my gameconfig. I was able to play for 15-20 minutes before it crashed again. Now, the crashing happens typically when I am flying around the map extremely fast. (horn boosting, noclipping). I have a feeling it may be crashing because it's trying to quickly load everything around me while I'm flying across the map, but it could be something unrelated. I'll try raising the value higher to see if that will fix anything else.

    As for information that may be useful, should I provide crash info from launcher.log? I've seen others provide those but I currently don't think its necessary because I already know what error code I'm dealing with. If there's anything extra in there that may be useful, please let me know so I can attach it in here.

  • @expl0rer ok, so we know the problem is related to a mod and not the game itself, good.

    I think the problem might be related to the map rendering, have you changed some models on the map? Have you changed some map rendering settings as far as you know? In the best case, the solution might be possible by changing the mod settings, or in the most stubborn case, you can't fix the problem and you'll have to contact the founder of the mod to correct the problem, but you'll have to wait, that's assuming you have no way to act on the source code of the mod and/or the game.

    For information, just let me know if and what modifications you've made besides the ones mentioned above, but I want to reassure you right away, this crash, probably is not a serious problem.

  • @Tekarovt Yes, some of the models have been changed on the map. The GTA V Redux mod overhauls a lot of the textures and other things that already exist in the base game: roads, vegetation, particle effects, water, clouds, debris, etc.

    AFAIK I haven't changed any map rendering settings, but some of these visual overhaul mods may have changed those without my knowledge, especially the GTA V Redux mod. The mod uses a .oiv installer, so I wasn't able to manually install it, which means I don't know what changed and didn't change.

    All modifications that I've made to the game are listed in my original post. Since my last comment here 4 hours ago, the only adjustment I've made is a slight change to the Packfile Limit Adjuster. I'll have to play the game a little bit longer tonight with the new adjustment though, I was only able to play for about 10 minutes when I initially changed it 4 hours ago.

    I might do some further testing with this as well. Tomorrow I'll clean out my mods folder and do a fresh install of the redux mod, so I can see if it truly is the source of the problem. Although, there's a chance it's only crashing due to conflicts with other mods. If that's the case, then at least we'll have singled out one of the mods and we'll be able to narrow down what is actually causing the problem.

    I'll get back to you.

  • @expl0rer I'll wait.

  • When the game crashes open up eventmanager and look in applications the last maybe 2 errors are the ones you need if it says clr.dll its most likely that the textures cant load ( happened to me with redux all the time it's just a mod full of stolen shit not even given credits lol ) well anyways I switched to NVR and then NVE no problems at all and looks better tbh.

    Hope that helps best wishes

  • @Zuraxo Game crashed around 15 minutes ago, found this in event viewer. I didn't see anything related to "clr.dll", but do you know of anything else in the log that could potentially identify some other type of issue?


    I'll take a look at NVR along with NVE when it fully releases. Even though it says NVR is outdated, do you know if it's still usable?

  • I mostly got the clr.dll error when it couldn't load the textures because a file was to big and what not in redux in general idk why gta5.exe crash was related to scripts or outdated stuff in my case i used to still install NVR with prsa now NVE still rock solid it worked fine another thing i can tell you is try merging the add-on cars into one file if you didnt already helped me alot

  • @expl0rer What is the current situation?

  • @Tekarovt Apologies, I didn't have time yesterday to test my game like I thought I did. I did clear out my mods late last night though, and I've been playtesting a little bit today. The only things I have installed right now are Menyoo, Scripthook, Skip Intro, and GTA V Redux. So far I've been able to play for more than an hour without a crash. At this point I'm assuming the crashes were related to an incompatibility with car related mods, since those are the only mods I have left to install. From now on I'll take it slow and introduce each mod one at a time to see if I can single out what is actually causing these crashes.

    I'll get back to you.

  • @expl0rer perfect, i'm sorry If i can't provide to you a better solution, but this is effective, you will find the problem 100%.

  • @Tekarovt Its all good man, it looks like I may have found my problem already. After playtesting for a couple of hours, I decided to take it a step further and install some of my car mods. I installed 8 cars, the Addon Car Spawner, the Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles, the Packfile Limit Adjuster, and the Heap Adjuster. After about ~5-10 minutes of gameplay, I began experiencing the crashing issue again. From there, I removed all the car mods and just left the gameconfig/PFLA/Heap Adjuster mods in my game. After playing for a couple minutes, I crashed again. Next I removed the gameconfig and my game actually ran fine for more than an hour without any interruptions.

    In conclusion, it looks like the Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles mod doesn't work together with GTA V Redux. I had plenty of addon vehicles in the game before I added Redux, so I think it's safe to say that the incompatibility with eachother is what's causing it. Unfortunately, I need that gameconfig if I want to install and use any addon vehicles.

    My new project is to compare the regular gameconfig with the modded one and see if I can tweak some of the values to get rid of the crashes. In the meantime, do you know of any quick gameconfig alternatives that may work with my game?

  • @expl0rer perfect! Now It works, about your question, I can't help you, but I suggest you to pay attention to the settings, a lot.

  • @expl0rer I suggest to get rid of redux not wanna be rude or something but there is much better and stable visual mods redux is not worth your time mate i had the same problem not tellin you what to do and what not but it's really not worth it

    Edit: Running newest NVE with around 40 add-on cars, maps, rims, clothes and what not.. max settings ENB + Reshade latest update no problems at all

    Best regards

  • @Zuraxo Can you tell me whose gameconfig you used in your game?

  • @Zuraxo what gameconfig are you using now?

  • @lukerodriguez @Apsens

    Im using the "Limitless Vehicles Gameconfig" by F7YO

    Sorry was busy

  • did you ever figure this out? even after downloading all of the packfile adjusters, heap adjuster, and whatever else is needed my game still crashes even after 5 mins of driving

  • Re: Crashing Every 5 Minutes - 0xc0000005

    Hello, i could use a hand.

    I am new to modding, i have installed NVE with enb series and my game crash every 5 minutes when i'm driving around.

    I have installed
    -Heap Adjuster
    -Pack File limit ajuster.
    -Scripthook V
    -ScripthookV dot Net

    (I also slidded gameconfig 0,5x into the appropriate place in IV)

    I have
    -12 add ons cars
    -40 replacement cars +/-

    With only graphics mods game run just fine (but i have 55 fps max and can go down to 35 i don't know why its so low)

    Same with only cars mods

    My pc have
    -64go Ram
    -GeForce RTX 3080
    -i9 10900k
    -SSD M.2 NVMe gen 4

    I'm kinda desesperate to see that others can run NVE and others ultra graphic mods ultra + a modded cars
    And i don't...

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Wairted about the fps try disabling ambient occlusion in the ENB menu that tanks quite some fps.

    About the crashing you might have badly optimised cars (to big in file size) and therefore it's crashing. I have all cars replaced and way more add-ons and it works flawless.

    Hope that helps


  • @Wairted With that system you really don't need those mods. I've tried them and uninstalled them in 10 minutes. They remind me of amateur photographers who take crap pictures and then play around in Photoshop boosting the contrast, increasing the saturation, adding filters - and then thinking their crap is a masterpiece. I have system with lower specs than you (32 GB ram, Ryzen 9 3900X , RTX 2070 Super 8GB) and my graphics are beautiful, maxed out and 60 FPS (limited by my monitor's refresh rate) - with 200 addons or more.

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