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Having issues using Zmodeler to export a custom ped

  • Hi. I'm trying to make a simple custom ped using a paid version of Zmodeler 3. I was following this video on how to set it up.

    I'm running into multiple difficulties with it. The original mesh model was made from blender. That gets imported fine. The problem starts with importing gta v ped files as replacement references (I'm using ig_bankman in this case, notably the ydd file). The mesh and texture data for ydd does not load at all, making it impossible for me to merge it's meshes and copy the weight information to my mesh. Moreover, if I try to export skipping that, it saves a 2-14kb file. Importing the exported file into Zmodeler shows that my mesh with textures got removed. Any idea what I'm missing here?

  • @PlayaMoon Did you click the "L0" button on the top right side

  • @death7991 okay. That did make the meshes appear. But now when I copy it's weights to my mesh, it shows no result. I try painting weight on my mesh and it still says my mesh has no bones in vertex format. Exporting is still giving a 3kb like file with no mesh or texture loaded on import. I did bind my mesh to the gta skel before copying the weights.

  • @PlayaMoon At the bottom of the export window, make sure "Export LODs" is set to autodetect.

  • @PlayaMoon

    Been a while since I used zmodeler and i dont have a current license so I cant tell you the exact steps to do this, but your issue is due to the fact that I dont think you have set up the vertex properties correctly
    Its where you specify how many bones affect each vertex point, number of UV channels etc

    This is part one of the video that you linked and around 2 minutes in, they go through the process I described above.

    Apologies if you have already done this step and the problem is something else

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