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General question about remove mods when go to online

  • Hello,

    I have general question about mods. First, a little background information. I have played gta v since 2015 with my PS4. I install gta v to my PC just because my 7 years old son want to play with different mods. So now gta v is running in my pc with some mods installed. PC and PS4 gta v both are linked to same rockstar social club account. I know how to install mods and now the question itself. What I should do if I want to someday play gta v online on PC legit without any mods?

    Is that enough if I just remove all added files from gta v directory or should I install pc version again from epic store?
    And what happen if I or my son accidentally start gta v online while those mod files are in gta v folder?

    Installed mods at the moment are Menyoo and VStancer but plan is to install some new cars.

  • @VanhempiVeivaaja You can either remove the mods manually and dump them somewhere else for the time being or rename dinput8.dll to something else, then your mods will be disabled, as that loads ScriptHookV and .ASI mods.

    You should be all good to go online.

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