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General question about remove mods when go to online

  • Hello,

    I have general question about mods. First, a little background information. I have played gta v since 2015 with my PS4. I install gta v to my PC just because my 7 years old son want to play with different mods. So now gta v is running in my pc with some mods installed. PC and PS4 gta v both are linked to same rockstar social club account. I know how to install mods and now the question itself. What I should do if I want to someday play gta v online on PC legit without any mods?

    Is that enough if I just remove all added files from gta v directory or should I install pc version again from epic store?
    And what happen if I or my son accidentally start gta v online while those mod files are in gta v folder?

    Installed mods at the moment are Menyoo and VStancer but plan is to install some new cars.

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