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Updated 'Updated author rules and regulations'


    We have updated our Updated author rules and regulations

    We ask that you please pay particular attention to the Quality section on 'Emergency vehicles (EVs) from various countries.' We instituted a rather radical new policy in regard to those. We realize not everyone will like, or even appreciate the purpose, for the rule change, but we felt it was an absolutely needed measure, nonetheless. For clarification, already published mods remain untouched. Future uploads, however, will be subject to the new admission rules.

    As the Rules also state, we reserve the right to assess the quality according to our own discretion. We have more than enough qualified car experts onboard to make the proper determination. So, please, no flood of complaints like 'But my mod is very good! Why was it Rejected?!' We assess all mods fairly.

    Thank you.

    Unpinned, as content has been added in the main thread a while ago.

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