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[MISC] Aircraft/Boat Remover + Ped Behaviour

  • Hello!

    I'd like to request the following mods:

    1-) A mod that makes it possible for the player to remove any purchased aircraft or boat from the hangars/docks you purchase in SP.

    2-) A mod that makes it possible for more than 3 peds to melee fight the player. For example, if you have 3 peds trying to fight you (melee) and you assault/antoganize a fourth ped, this ped will turn hostile but one of the 3 others will simply run away instead of remaing hostile. So you always have 3 max peds trying to fight you.

    Or please, if either of these mods already exits, point me in their direction. I tried searching for a long time but found nothing.

    Thank you!

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