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zmodeler3 help with vehicle flip over

  • hello and greetings.
    Im relatively new to modding, as im able now to convert gta san andreas vehicle to gta v.
    in game i have no problem with car except for car flipping over when taking corner even at low speed, and i notice that cog for chasis and dummy already high, is there anyway to fix this?
    out of 5 conversion car 4 have this exact problem.
    any help and info much appreciates since i havent able to find any solution for this.
    XD [0_1610265999694_Capture.PNG](Uploading 100%)

  • hi @firdausaqmar go in the handling.meta of the car and change the Z offset of "vecCentreOfMassOffset"
    to around -0.100000 to -0.500000 i mostly got good results with a Z offset of -0.200000
    should look like that in the end z="-0.200000"

    whole line: <vecCentreOfMassOffset x="0.000000" y="-0.110000" z="-0.200000" />

    best regards

  • thanks for replying.
    the car im modding is replacing original vehicle, and im using it for fivem currently,
    is it work if i reissue handling.meta for fivem with changing original file??

  • @firdausaqmar you can copy the handling for this car only and make a handling.meta just for the car or take the complete handling.meta its up to you how you wanna use it

  • ok will try..thanks for info..
    can you answer more question on zmodeler3??

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