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Can't upload cover photo on forum profile

  • Originally my file was too big, then I cropped it, and now when I try to upload it I get this:

    nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads-updated :: Missing credentials in config

    Also, Is there also no way to change my icon on the forums? I thought it would change with my profile on GTA5mods, but I've changed it twice, and it's still this one.

  • common problem, the site is pretty badly broken, no-one can change their profile pictures. You're one of the lucky ones that got to create a picture before it all broke. I would have suggested a quick search of the forum to show that you're not the only one with this issue, but that's broken too...


    @ItsJustCurtis Forums profile picture has always been broke, since early 2016-2017 at least. The quick search was removed because, for unknown reasons to the devs, was causing login problems to all of us. Just to put some context in your comment.
    @BrynnaDaRosa Nope, sorry. Is impossible for us to change the Forums profile picture. I'm still using the same one since 2017 so...

  • Good lord, what a broken website. I'm sorry you gotta deal w/ this mods i'm sure you're trying your best :(

  • @BrynnaDaRosa said in Can't upload cover photo on forum profile:

    Ignore the profile picture, but changing pfp's on both sites is totally broken now?

  • okay, wait, is the cover photo on the forums broken too?

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