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How can I pre-spawn in cars for a c# script mod?

  • I have new to c# coding and i was trying to find some help on how to pre-spawn in cars for a script. I have currently got to the point where I 'steal money from a bag' and then I have to get through a gang of people to an escape vehicle out the other side of the building. I was wondering how i can have the vehicle spawn so that when they get to that point in the mission it is already there.


    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • There are a couple of ways.
    one easy way is to Have a Vector3 position that you check the players distance too.

    Vector3 somePosition = new Vector3(99f,99f,99f); // the location you want to check if the player is near
    bool spawnedStuff = false;

    then in your ontick()

    float distanceToMission = Game.Player.Character.Position.DistanceTo(somePosition);
    if(!spawnedStuff && distanceToMission < 200)
        spawnedStuff = true;
        // spawn your stuff
    else if(spawnedStuff && distanceToMission  > 200)
        spawnedStuff = false;
        // despawn your stuff

    There are other methods, but this would depend on how you have structured your code and if you keep track of the state of the mission using a switch case.

  • @mcal9909 OK, thanks a lot. Coming to help again :smile:

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