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i forgot to make a backup of content.xml

  • Hello i Forget to made a back up of content.xml , so my game dont start
    Can somebody give me the original folders please ?
    sorry if that not the place to ask this this is the first time i use this forum.

  • This post is deleted!

  • why delete it?
    plz somebody :'(

  • @Mkawette
    If you deleted it from the 'mods' folder, find the equivalent 'content.xml' from the 'game' folder & copy it to where you deleted the 'mods' folder one.

    If you deleted it from the 'game' folder (ie original vanilla install of GTAV) then Google how to verify the game files for your version of the game & do that & it will re-download the '.rpf' that the 'content.xml' was in & give you a fresh copy :thumbsup:

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