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Crashes when i try to enter the story mode

  • I had everything great with addons and then i downloaded gtav redux (NOT SURE IF THATS THE PROBLEM) even I have right gameconfig and it crashes please help! i also deleted mods folder, it launched but when i restored the mods folder it crashed again is it an addon mod causing crash? because the only mods i have are add ons some menyoos and redux(with reshade)

  • redux is your problem

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Algonquin1234
    ive delted the mods folder and created a new one. the game doesn't crash, redux works but add ons doesn't show up like i never installed them are you sure its redux and if yes what do u recommend me to do ??

  • @super-aura Redux is awful and is just a bunch of stolen mods. You want a good graphics mod, install NVR. Make sure you typed everything correctly on the dlclist.xml

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