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Invalid Model with suggested Location

  • GTA V has a prop called prop_b_board_blank.ydr
    This prop can be spawned indoors or outdoors - without any problems, doesn't care about the location
    I replaced the texture in this file using the Nvidia plugin and Photoshop to .dds.
    When I tried to spawn the prop i got the Error, Invalid Model, Check suggested locations, pointing to Michael's shrink
    Went to Shrink's office but going there didn't help. Same error.

    So what I did next was I extracted the prop gain, just renamed it, and tried again. Won't spawn in street, won't spawn inside office.

    The second time was essentially exactly the same prop except it is renamed and created as an addon.

    The spawner i used was Menyoo with ofc the name of the prop added to the proplist.

    Any ideas how to fix this? P.S. I have changed textures on at least 6 different props without any issues whatsoever, from Photoshop.

    Workflow: Extract ydr in Open IV, Extract dds texture with Texture Toolkit, Create replacement and save as dds with PS 2020, nvidia plugin, create addon with Props Editor, add with Open IV, add to Menyoo list.
    Addon used is Addon Props 1.1

  • Just to clarify because it wasn't clear in my post - the second attempt didn't have any revisions or modifications. Texture was the original one. Essentially this was exactly the same prop as the one in GTA V except it was created as an addon and renamed to avoid duplicate names for same prop.

  • Ok, I figured this one out. For some reason, using Props Editor 1.1, I could not simply create it with Props Add Manual.
    This one, not sure why, needed Props Add Json. So i created the Json and that fixed it.

  • Hello! I Have installed some addon props but now they are not spawning, Showing the Error "invalid Object" Can You Help?? I have installed props before that and they are working fine but now whenever i install props, they just showing that error.

  • @harryrippa better to start new threads than post to old ones. Describe step by step what you're doing with screenshots where helpful because knowing there is an error doesn't provide the necessary clues.

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